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24-7 telephone support and assistance

A lot of people generally don’t go with 24 hour support because quite frankly, it’s expensive to run and operate yourself plus the volume of work is generally pretty low compared to your prime-time business hours. With that said, that doesn’t mean that 24 hour services are not worthwhile. If you’re selling a product, all it takes is one special sales call to drastically improve your profits for the quarter. If no one is around to answer that call though, then it looks like you’re out of luck. A lot of people don’t leave a voicemail and move on to the next company in their list of people to call.

That’s where Midori Services comes in! We are a 24 hour call center that is owned and operates out of Phoenix, Arizona and we can handle all of your outbound or inbound call center services. We can either field all your calls 24/7/365, or we can take/make your calls only during certain hours. We can even be what is called “Overflow” support for your team! What Overflow means is that when all your employees are currently on the phone or there isn’t an available agent to take a call, those “extra” calls will be redirected to us instead of sitting on hold, potentially hanging up.

With an outbound and inbound call center, you will never have to worry about missing any more calls regardless of the hour of the day. We’ll always be there for both you and your customers, even on Holidays! We can handle more than just your calls as well. If you would like, we can even provide email and live chat support in addition to fielding your calls! We can either use your existing systems, or you can use ours to get you started. The more access a customer/client has to your team, the more successful your customer relations will be. Our customer service representatives go through weeks of training to ensure they are a professional representation for all of our clients and customer service experience is a must! Rest assured that if you go with us, our customer care team will treat all your clients with the utmost respect and have the patience to assist through any matter.

Our outbound and inbound call center services are incredibly flexible and we will mold our business to work with yours, not the other way around. After all, who knows your business better than you?

The type of service we can provide

Just to list a few examples, is:

  • Answering Services: A customer will call us, and then we document the information you need to transfer or escalate the call to the correct team.
  • Appointment Setting: We can essentially become your secretaries and schedule appointments for you and even dispatch employees/technicians. If you give us access, we can even use your own calendar to make the process even more fluid!
  • Customer Service Representatives: Our team will field your calls to gather feedback, or to provide some sort of support. Whether it be a customer complaints department, product support line or even RMA fulfillment processing.
  • Technical Support Helpdesk: Should your employees need any help with anything IT Related, such as a work station, printer, server or internet issue, we can help with the issue!
  • Product Support: We can be your front line when it comes to your customers. If they need help with anything for your products, be it repairs & warranty exchanges, troubleshooting or any other issue we will help them 24/7.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today for your free quote & consultation if you are interested in hiring a 24 hour call center!

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