Call Center Outsourcing – Done Right

Image of call center support personnel.

There are a couple of reasons we’ve yet to cover as to why you should choose to outsource customer service to Midori Services.

One great benefit to utilizing our inbound and outbound call center services, is that you get access to our professionals. You do not need to worry about the constant uptraining, documentation creation, hiring, payroll, and scheduling! We handle all of that for you and your company gets to start off with a team of incredibly experienced representatives that can handle any task you give them. Another advantage of our call center support service and call center outsourcing is risk management. It’s far easier for you as an owner to rely on your call center to handle a VIP call than a new employee you hired one month ago.

With our highly experienced team, you’ll never have to worry about a call going out to a newly-hired employee.

When you sign up for our call center support services, this also gives you the chance to restructure your business internally. For example, if you have employees that are stuck on the phones all day, making calls or providing troubleshooting steps to a customer instead of doing other high-level tasks you assigned to them. This would give them the chance to focus on other tasks! The bread and butter of call center outsourcing is being able to reassign your existing team to more important tasks and allowing us to take care of the required, but repetitive, day-to-day work.

Call center outsourcing will also help tremendously with operational costs as you do not have to keep your main office open 24/7 for a smaller, swing shift or graveyard team. This is important to keep in mind since for every hour your business is closed, that’s around 10 calls you are missing. Perhaps even more depending on the popularity of your business! You will never have to worry about coverage, scheduling, or any of that hassle again for your customer service / technical support team.

We are able to handle everything you need.

Our technicians go through meticulous customer service training to reach not only our own high standards, but to meet your expectations. Rest assured that our staff will handle every employee/customer with the utmost professionalism, care and efficiency to get the job done. In addition to this, we also believe in complete transparency. With our service, you will have complete access to every ticket and call recording that is completed for your contract so that you can view our work as well!

As for what we can do to help your business, we have many services we provide to customers. We can be your Managed Service Provider, your IT Team or provide IT Consultation to make sure your IT infrastructure is always safe, secure and working properly. Should you or any of your employees need any IT related help, we’ll always be there to handle the problem. We could even become your Customer Service Helpdesk to assist any issues your customers might run into. We can act as an answering service, to gather a customer’s information to get this forwarded to the correct team within your business or appointment scheduling, to make sure you never miss an opportunity. 24/7/365 support is something that is highly sought after by consumers and you will be amazed just how affordable it is! Once we schedule a free consultation with you, we will assess your needs and create a custom-tailored plan to best fit your business.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today for your free quote & consultation if you are interested in hiring a 24 hour call center!