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If you’re looking to hire customer service representatives, then you should highly consider outsourcing to an inbound & outbound call center. Why you should consider this is because the costs and efforts of hiring, staffing, scheduling, incentives/benefits, managing, document creation, payroll & training all add up. Not only do these costs add up quickly, it is also incredibly time-consuming to do right and why would you want to deal with that head ache when we can do it all for you?

Our call center is fully staffed with agents of all skill levels to handle all your business needs.

Customer care and support (help) and life insurance concept. Businessman representing company helps (support) customer (client) to overcome an obstacle. Problem solving with smart and simple solutions.

We find that we can save you enormous amounts of money if you outsource compared to hiring your own employees to manage the services we provide.

For example, if an office has a single employee doing the same work they could outsource to us, they’re likely making at least $10.00 to $14.00 per hour, 40 hours per week. This comes to $1,660 to $2,240 per month, not including all the time spent managing and maintaining this employee. Depending on the scope of work needed, we could perform those same exact tasks for up to 60% less than what you would pay that same employee. How this works is because we only bill you for every minute of work that we perform for you, not a full 8 hours regardless of how busy your business is or isn’t! Our plans are incredibly flexible and budget friendly to businesses of all sizes. Another thing to consider if the fact that call center turn-over rates are incredibly high, as evidence by this study performed by Cornell University. Seeing as there is such a high turnover rate, this means that you will be in a constant state of hiring and training upon getting your team staffed.

Again, why deal with that hassle? Let us!

The big question though is what are good qualities to look for when hiring customer service representatives or when looking to buy call center support services:

How do I know the call center I found will do right by my company? It’s a big thing to consider!

If you outsource your help desk to a 24-hour call center, then realistically, that call center is now going to be representing you and your reputation is on the line! One of the best things you can do is find a company that is transparent. For example, when we onboard a new client, we make sure that everything they would want to see, they can access through a website. (How many calls were received, how many minutes spent on each call, when the calls came in, access to call recordings/tickets, etc.) We also provide clients reports with all of the statistics and any other metric they might want to track, such as first call resolutions. The more information your partner offers you and the more specific the answers to all your questions, the better!call center interview

Another important thing you can do is think about how you’re going to augment us into your business. The more specific you can be with how you want to utilize us, the more successful your campaign will be! To make sure you get the best service, we are very strict on who gets hired. On top of that, we have an in-depth training process to make sure that anyone who fields call for your business knows exactly what they’re doing and is well qualified for the job. Why having a good customer service team is so important is because people who had bad experiences are more likely to talk about them than those who had a positive experience. In 2012, American Express performed a study on this exact topic.

If you need help answering your calls, or would like more information on our call center support services, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get started as soon as possible!

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