How to Fix the Black Screen of Death

Young woman having trouble with laptop's black screen of death.

There’s the black screen of death, and the blue screen of death. The blue screen of death normally is the result of a failed hard drive, RAM, or operating system issue. Today though, we will be covering the black screen of death and what to do if your laptop screen is black.


Here’s the first bit of bad news about this issue:

Odds are, this is not an issue that requires an easy fix and generally entails laptop repair or replacing the laptop. So what exactly could have gone wrong?

the black screen on a laptop

  • Your LCD screen has burnt out
  • Your battery is dead or the charging port is damaged
  • Your motherboard (What all the pieces in your laptop are plugged into) is damaged/defective
  • Your BIOS is corrupted

Before you start, make sure you check the following:

First, let’s start off with what you should do before you start troubleshooting your black screen of death and looking into laptop repair shops within Phoenix. Assuming your device can still turn on and hardware is not the reason your device is acting up, you might still be able to recover your files! If your laptop screen is black and will not power on or display any text, then this might not be an option depending on what is broken. The tools you will need is a Windows installation CD/USB or Linux Live CD. If all goes according to plan, you should be able to pop in the CD, and it will prompt you to press any key to load further. If it boots up to the Windows install screen, then congratulations! This is a fairly pain-free fix and it seems the problem is either your hard drive or your operating system. You will then want to open a command prompt from the install screen, open Notepad and then click on open file. From here you should be able to access everything on your computer to back up all the files you need or you could even just reinstall/repair windows again.

When you need to replace your LCD screen:

Now if your LCD screen is no longer functioning and your laptop is no longer charging or turning on at all, then you likely have a difficult problem occurring with the circuitry in the computer and laptop repair to fix this black screen of death is going to be your only real option. Replacing the screen requires you to disassemble the laptop and find the model number of your screen, then to find another one from a reputable vendor. If the laptop is no longer turning on, and the lights no longer turn on, it might be an issue with the mother board, or with the battery. If the battery has not completely died, then it should still function while a charger is plugged in. Otherwise, you would need to purchase a new laptop battery. If you get a new battery and the laptop still does not charge, then it might be the charging port that is the problem. That requires disassembling the laptop and soldering the circuitry to try to fix the issue, which should be left to a laptop repair specialist! Should you require a new motherboard on your laptop, it might be worth it to simply purchase a new laptop, depending on how much you bought the device for. After parts and labor, you’re likely looking at around $200-$400 in repairs for something that might just break again. (Perhaps the device you bought is notorious for this type of breakage, be sure to do your research before you buy any device!)

Updating the BIOS – Not a DIY job!

Now if the BIOS is the issue, this is where things can get tricky. If you do anything wrong when trying to update the BIOS of your laptop, depending on the manufacturer, that laptop will be 100% useless and you cannot fix it. This is definitely the last resort type of measure you will want to take. You can generally find the update for your laptop on the manufacturers’ website. Again, though, this is not something you ordinarily want to be messing with. This most certainly falls under the umbrella of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. Should you require help with any of these services, feel free to give us a call and we help get your IT infrastructure back in the right direction with one of our onsite technicians!