IT Services


IT Services in Phoenix Metropolitan Area, AZ

IT Services

Computers, laptops, tablets, printers and mobile devices. Technology helps us do our jobs on a daily basis. Great when it works, and an immediate show-stopper when it doesn’t. Trying to fix them can be a frustrating experience for most. Keeping an in-house IT staff is expensive and finding that friend that may know is unreliable.

Midori Services knows this and we are here to help resolve these issues, whether they be residential or business related. Our field agents are highly trained and have the know-how to get you back up and running in record time. Whether it’s PC performance, or the phone not connecting to Wi-Fi, we will take the steps needed to put it back in working order.

PC Tune Up

A computer running slow or constantly crashing? Taking forever to start up or load your favorite website or game? We can help with that! We provide support for all versions of Windows & Mac devices. Our IT Specialists can help speed up your device or make your device the best that it can be!

Malware Scan

Are you getting a ton of pop-ups or unwanted ads? We can look at your computer to help stop that once and for all.

Virus Removal

Does your computer have a virus? Is it slow & acting up to the point where you just want to buy a new one? We can help fix your device to act as if it’s brand new again!

Anti-virus Protection

If you have had a problem with viruses before, then bring your device to us and we can help you get a good Anti-virus guard and other programs to prevent viruses/malware.

Software Installation

Are you trying to install a new piece of software but you are unsure as to how to download and get it running? We can help you get everything setup and installed as well provide you recommendations on what software may work even better for you.

 Desktop / Laptop Configuration

Did you get a new computer or laptop and you’re unsure on how to configure it properly to make it lightning quick? We can help you from start to finish to get your device setup.

HDD Installation & Data Migration

Did you get a new hard drive and you need help installing it and making sure you don’t lose any of your important data? Look no further as we can get your computer up and running exactly as it was before your new hard drive.

Printer Setup & Configuration
Need help setting up a printer at your home or business? Be with an older printer full of cabling or a newer WiFi Printer, Midori Services can take care of this for you to ensure everything is running smoothly and correctly.

WiFi Optimization Services

Is there a spot in your house or business that does not get good Wi-Fi signal? We can fix the issue for you or help you get the necessary equipment to fix your problem.

Remote Desktop Support

Perhaps your looking for support for your devices from the comfort of your home or business but do not want a technician to come on site to assist. Not a problem! We can help monitor and fix computer issues remotely as well.