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Managed IT Services

Consider this scenario: For a proper IT team, you generally need a team of at least 2, upwards of 5 depending on the size of your business. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an IT System Administrator is $65,273 within the USA. This comes to a minimum of $130,546 to a maximum of $326,365 per year in salaries alone given the above employee count. This is not accounting for incentive bonuses, managing your team, worrying about staffing and scheduling, benefits, the list goes on! Therefore, you should outsource your IT work to us; let us deal with that headache for a fraction of that cost. There is never a ‘one size fits all’ option for us as we will always strive to work seamlessly with your company.

Adding a new service or need to change an SLA? We understand it’s your business after all! Just know that with our IT specialists, we ensure that your projects stay on track.

We provide US Based, IT management and computer support you want 24/7/365:

  • Cloud & Local Back Ups of your infrastructure, to make sure your data is protected in case of hardware failure.
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Anti-Virus Licenses & Management
  • Anti-Malware Licenses & Management
  • Remote Desktop Services so we do not even have to be on site to fix your problem!
  • Desktop Migration Services to setup any new computers.
  • Patch/Update Deployment & Management
  • Software/Application Deployment & Management
  • Group Policy & Desktop Management so that you never need to setup another work station.
  • Printer Setup & Configuration so that all devices can access your printers.
  • VoIP Setup & Maintenance for your phone solution and voice prompt setup.
  • CRM Setup & Maintenance to help you keep tracking of all your work and sales leads.
  • NOC Monitoring to ensure none of your devices run into hardware failure or lose internet connection.
  • Active Directory Setup & Maintenance to setup all new employees for onboarding.
  • Office 365 Support

We staff only experienced employees, allowing us to complete your work load and manage your infrastructure more effectively. Let’s be honest, utilizing lower-end or overseas helpdesks/managed service providers may produce better-looking bottom lines, but those overseas help desks rarely pan out and never translate into success. They normally come bundled with a lack of reporting, in-depth and complex troubleshooting skills, and flexibility. These all are really huge red flags and it’s the equivalence of throwing your money away. With our services, you gain not only a Managed Service Provider that will cater to all your IT needs, but you’re also gaining a strategic IT partner.

We care for your servers, applications, databases, and network appliances like they are our own. From innovative problem solving, to working late on a customer’s system, we don’t wait to be asked for help. When the sky is falling, we roll up our sleeves and work to handle the problem… without a second thought as to whether it’s in our contract to fix a falling sky. When we’re speaking with a customer about a project, it’s not about “you” and “us.” Around here, we use the word “we,” and “team”, because that’s exactly what we mean. Our team can manage any devices you have, maintain your infrastructure and support all your IT needs for one monthly fee. Go with our services so that you can start having regular hours again. With our IT experts, you can let go of the stress, the unpredictable costs, staffing issues and more so that you can focus on your business.

We’ll help your company save both time and money while providing you excellent service and tech support. We understand the challenges you face and can help you improve your IT with cost-effective managed IT services.