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If you need your internet connection to drop as little as possible, then a wired network via Ethernet is the answer. Whether that connection is to your other computers, printers, servers, VoIP phones, the point of sales, or any other devices in your office that access the internet. Unlike a wireless network, a wired network is always on and is not affected from interferences from other devices.

While Wi-Fi is obviously more convenient than wired Ethernet cables, Ethernet cables still offer significant advantages, which we will go over with you.

It’s usually worth running Ethernet cables to the devices that matter, such as your servers, backup devices, and point of sales devices to name a few. Should you need help determining what devices are considered “important”, then ask yourself this one simple question: “If this device were to lose internet connection for more than 5 minutes, would it affect my business negatively?” If you answered yes, then the device you had in mind should 100% be connected to an Ethernet cable and you should avoid Wi-Fi at all costs. To help you even further, we’re going to look at the three main advantages of using Ethernet over Wi-Fi—faster speeds, lower latency, and reliable connections.

Wi-Fi is can have a lot more difficulties than a wired connection due to interference. The layout of your business, objects blocking the signal (Such as furniture, the material used within your walls), interference from electrical devices or even your neighbor’s Wi-Fi network—all these things play a role in how reliable your Wi-Fi network will be.

These interferences can cause several problems:

  • Dropped signals: Occasionally, Wi-Fi will lose the signal and must reacquire it. This may not be a big deal for daily browsing or even streaming because the normally comes back quickly. If your sales rep is on a call and it drops, or when processing an order/charging a credit card and your Wi-Fi signal drops, then that can be detrimental depending on how long it takes for the signal to come back online.
  • Higher latency: Increased interference can mean higher latency, which can be a problem for your efficiency. Anything involving the internet will take longer to load and if you have multiple employees suffering through these delays, then the time lost is getting compounded.
  • Lowered speeds: More interference also means lower signal quality, which results in lower connection speeds.

By this point, you should realize just how important Ethernet connections are and we can provide Professional Data Network wiring services for your business at a time and price that is convenient for you.

  • All Wiring is hidden inside the wall when permitted.
  • Patch panel cable management included.
  • 2 lines minimum without another service.

Midori Services does a free, full service IT consultation while on-site to make sure all aspects of your network are working properly, and so we can quickly support you in the future if necessary. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Now that you’ve decided on whether Wi-Fi or Ethernet is best for your business, the next piece of the puzzle is to choose the proper cables, network cards, and router/firewalls for your business! Should you need any help with this, please visit our Router, Firewall & VPN configuration section.