What is NOC Monitoring?

NOC Monitoring services is not something a lot of people know about until they are told it’s a thing, but it’s a critical part of every major business and you might even have it already without even knowing it. The importance of NOC monitoring comes from the fact that our NOC technician team can keep a watchful eye on all your devices within your business. An NOC technician can monitor any device that connects to the internet and goes even further, and monitor the health of the device and services on the machine. A practical example of NOC outsourcing would be if you had a computer that was critical to the health of your business. This computer, it runs 3 programs/services and it cannot crash, shut down, or lose internet connection. Midori Services would have our NOC technician team monitor your equipment 24/7/365 to make sure that it is always running as intended. If anything were to ever go wrong with this device, we can either inform you of the problem or fix it ourselves.

The benefits of NOC outsourcing and having a network operations center available to you is that you don’t have to worry about managing employees, managing scheduling to have someone watching your equipment 24/7 or worrying if your on-call IT employee or company is going to answer the phone or not. We simply do everything for you! Another benefit of NOC monitoring services is that we will take a proactive response to equipment rather than a reactive response to problems. We will be able to see an issue the second it appears, rather than you notice that there’s a problem once it’s reached the critical stages, causing everything to crash and go down.

Which leads us to our next important question then; how do I know if I can benefit from NOC monitoring services? You can determine this by asking yourself a few easy questions! “Do I have even one device that if it were to break, or go down for any reason, would cause serious damage to my day-to-day business?” If you answered yes, then you should heavily consider either going with our Managed IT Services and then utilize our NOC technician team to make sure that your devices are all taken care of to minimalize downtime.

Another great benefit to NOC outsourcing is allowing your current IT team to focus on more important tasks within your business. While NOC monitoring services are very important, it can be a rather time intensive as it requires 24/7 monitoring to be worthwhile. This requires having at least a handful of employees to make sure this is being handled correctly so that you have as little downtime as possible!

The last thing to consider is how much would an outage cost you? Outages within your business can potentially be incredibly expensive. On average, any type of outage will cost you around 1.5% of your annual income – and that’s assuming you catch and fix the problem right away. If you provide a service to a customer, and you can no longer provide said service then you have quite a problem! Similarly, if you have an agreement with a customer that the service you provide will be available at a certain time, or you will handle issues within a certain time frame but nor your employees cannot meet those obligations, that fine or loss of client could be quite costly.

With all the provided information, you are now well versed on the importance of having an NOC monitoring service for your business! Give us a call today and we can schedule a free consultation with you to discuss the best option for your business and to provide you not only the security but the peace of mind that you deserve.